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A Time for Recognition and Positivity

Renee Preston – Senior Vice President of Membership Services

April 27, 2020

Appreciation is a fundamental human need. Recognition is essential to ensure employees are engaged and productive. COVID-19 has impacted nearly every business globally, and employers need to not only ensure employees are safe and have the tools needed to do their job, but that they stay committed and know their worth during these challenging times.

Every day, HR professionals design services or lead projects that not only advance their business, but that can be life-changing for employees. Or, maybe a colleague has demonstrated calm but purposeful leadership during these unprecedented times, making sure employees not only feel safe, but creating an environment in which they can thrive.

These are the inspirational stories we want to broadcast to the HR community and beyond via the 2020 HRO Today Association Awards.

The HRO Today Association awards are the highlight of our year. They inspire those in the HR industry worldwide. For that reason, we take great pride in showcasing the finalists and presenting the winners. Finalists and winners for North America are revealed at the HRO Today Association Conference, and the EMEA and APAC awards are revealed at their respective regional HRO Today Forum events.

Nominations are open to anyone in the industry – service providers, buyers/clients and advisors, within several categories:

Company Awards (recognizing a team):

  • Thought Leadership (HR Excellence) Award
  • Business Partnership Excellence
  • Recruitment Team of the Year
  • Diversity and Inclusion Excellence
  • HR Team of the Year
  • Best in Class: Candidate Experience/Reputation

Individual Awards

  • Thought Leadership (HR Excellence) Award
  • Leadership Award
  • Executive HR Champion of the Year
  • Innovation in HR
  • Best in Class: HR Technology

The feeling of being recognized by peers is unmatched: “I was thrilled to learn that I was a winner because I was chosen by a group of my peers in this profession, people who work in the field and understand the challenges and opportunities,” said Valerie Egan, Director, Learning and Education, Girl Scouts of the USA and 2019 Award Winner.

Please visit to submit a nomination, or contact me directly at 215-606-9562.


Renée Preston
Senior Vice President of Membership Services
Global Executive Director of the HRO Today Association

First HRO Today Certified Providers Announced

Philadelphia, PA – April 8, 2020 – SharedXpertise Media LLC, publishers of HRO Today, providers of events and research for the most senior levels of human resources, and managers of the HRO Today Association, is pleased to announce the first four businesses to be designated as HRO Today Certified Providers.

Through our magazine, research, and Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings, HRO Today possesses extensive data and in-depth understanding of the market. Working with a global group of our Association members, we have provided the appropriate level of knowledge and skill level to create a successful certification program for the human resources industry.

Certification gives businesses the leverage needed to maximize market potential, as it demonstrates the highest level of accountability regarding standards and ethics. Earning the HRO Today Certified Provider badge is a seal of approval indicating that a business has gone through a rigorous evaluation process and has been deemed reputable and trustworthy.

“The HRO Today Association has long been the HR industry’s standard-setting organization. The HRO Today Provider Certification ensures customers have access to qualified service providers in the HR services and technology industry,” said Renee Preston, Global Executive Director of the HRO Today Association

Yoh was the first business to earn the Certified Provider badge.

“Yoh prioritized this certification and is proud to be the first because of HRO Today‘s position as a trusted source for the buyer community,” said Kim R. Davis, Vice President, RPO Sales Support and Strategy for Yoh. “This certification provides buyers with reassurance and gives providers like Yoh another benchmark for ensuring we are always providing the highest quality service to the HR community.”’

Yoh was followed by WilsonHCG, The ActOne Group, and LevelUp.

Certification is a five-step process: General Application; Provider Questionnaire, Company Experience and Qualifications; Provider Questionnaire, Approach and Methodology; Provider Survey Questionnaire; and Customer Satisfaction References.

Member and nonmember businesses are invited to apply to become HRO Today Certified Providers. Complete details can be found at

About HRO Today

HRO Today is the property of SharedXpertise Media and offers the broadest and deepest reach available anywhere into the HR industry. Our magazines, web portals, research, e-newsletters, events and social networks reach over 180,000 senior-level HR decision-makers with rich, objective, game-changing content. Our No. 1 strength is our reach. HR leaders rely heavily on the HRO Today’s Baker’s Dozen rankings across six different categories when selecting an HR service provider.

Contact: Wendy Metzgar

The Power of Certification

Renee Preston – Senior Vice President of Membership Services

March 20, 2020

The Power of Certification Competition is high in nearly every industry. How do you elevate your firm from the competition? Certification can differentiate one organization from another by demonstrating to your customers, prospects and competitors that you follow industry standards and adhere to a high level of ethical practices. Ultimately, certification demonstrates commitment to superior professionalism and continued learning. These merits boost professional credibility and prestige within your network, with current clients, and when pursuing new business opportunities. Read full letter here

At HRO Today, our extensive data and understanding of the market through the Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings, our magazine, and our research, as well as our company and team experience combined with a global group of expert Association members, have provided the right level of knowledge and skills to create a successful program – The HRO Today Provider Certification Program.  This important industry standard and benchmark can help providers to break into new markets. It also provides a key strategy to better position themselves in this competitive industry.

By becoming certified, companies can maximize the potential of existing markets and demonstrate to current and prospective customers that they have undergone a rigorous audit and testing process and have reached a specific level of accountability of standards and ethics.  A provider who successfully completes the 5-step process will receive a Certified Provider badge from the HRO Today Association. This badge or “seal of approval” indicates that you have undergone evaluation and testing to verify that you are a credible and trusted provider. This form of certification ensures companies have access to qualified service providers in the HR services and technology industry.

For the buying community, the HRO Today Provider Certification provides a much-needed service which allows consumers to confidently target providers who are operating at an established level of service.

Please visit to learn more, or contact me directly at 215-606-9562.

Renée Preston
Senior Vice President of Membership Services
Global Executive Director of the HRO Today Association

Notes From the President: Do We Need Alternative Communication Strategies?

Renee Preston – Senior Vice President of Membership Services

February 26, 2020

We live in a world where news spreads while an event is still taking place. Not only is the speed in which we receive information increasing, so are the number or messages and mediums — e-mail, text, social media, Slack, Whatsapp, etc. We’re drowning in content and attention spans are shorter than ever, yet engaged employees are key to company success. Read full letter here

How can HR leaders communicate with employees effectively while also keeping in mind that not all have e-mail? What alternative communication strategies are needed to cut through the noise? For most organizations, there is no one single solution, as we need to consider how various employees can effectively receive information.

  • Mobile phone app – can push out important notifications and keep mobile employees connected with the rest of the workforce.
  • Video content – is a great tool to share an idea, rather than a long document or process.
  • Digital Noticeboards – communicate with employees through digital screens around the office places for passive content consumption

Alternate communication strategies were discussed during a recent video conference meeting of the CHRO Today Executive Network, or C-TEN. This peer group allows top HR leaders to connect on topics that are important to them and provides an environment for shared learning where tough questions can be addressed. Members have said, “the open discussions with other HR professionals and hearing the work they are doing is where there is real value.” Plus, C-TEN supports your entire staff by offering a membership to the HRO Today Association. Upcoming meeting topics include:

  • The Role of Culture in Employer Brand
  • Why We Should Dump the Annual Survey
  • Challenge of Pay Transparency, Pay Equity, Gender Gap
  • CHRO of the Future: What Will the Function of HR in the Future Look Like?
  • Strategies for the Digital Workforce
  • Is Reskilling Workers an Essential Part of Corporate Responsibility?

If you’d like to learn more and see if C-TEN is a resource you can benefit from, please contact me directly at (215) 606 – 9562. We expect the group to reach capacity later this year.

Renee Preston – Senior Vice President of Membership Services

Executive Director of the HRO Today Association

HR Leaders Unite!

Renee Preston – Senior Vice President of Membership Services

January 29, 2020

The HRO Today Association is as committed as ever to advancing professionalism in human resources and providing professional development and networking opportunities to its members. We’ve kicked off 2020 with an impressive line-up of Livestream Sessions, which I encourage you to check out here. Industry certifications improve professionalism and provide a level of accountability of standards and ethics. The HRO Today Provider Certification Program is raising the bar for HR service delivery and developing consistent standards and practices for the industry to save time and costs, and to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. Read full letter here.