Baker’s Dozen Focus Groups


Bakers’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Each year, HRO Today surveys more than 3,000 companies as part of one of our HRO Today Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Survey. We rank the top providers in services critical to the effective management of human resources at global companies.

The system of rankings has been the subject of significant disclosures on our part to insure that practitioners using the rankings understood what the data represented and how it was accumulated and treated. Every year the number of companies in our surveys rise and the number of inquiries we receive about interpreting the data rises as well. The rapid adoption of the Baker’s Dozen rankings as a core part of partnership selection is well documented.

Quarter 4

As we stated in Q4 2015, it is time for a refresh.  Since we look to the HRO Today Services and Technology Association to be the governing body of standard and practices in the HRO industry. We are using the association’s infrastructure to manage a group of Baker’s Dozen focus groups.

The first meeting occurred on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 via online conference call and included both providers and practitioners.

During that call, we discussed the overall approach to how the focus groups will operate, expected outcomes, and next steps. We recognize service offerings for rewards and recognition, RPO, pre-employment assessment, MSP and relocation in the annual Baker’s Dozen customer satisfaction survey.

With the initial introductory call behind us, the plan moving forward is to create one focus group for each vertical of the Baker’s Dozen. This structure will provide a detailed focus. It will also allow us to evaluate and advise on questions. Specifically how prevalent services are within each of these specific areas.

Members of the HRO Today Association may use their online login credentials to access the recording of that first conference call here:

Members of the HRO Today Association may use their online login credentials. Access your registration for the second conference call with Larry Basinait, VP of research for HRO Today:

Finally, the third conference call was the kick-off for the Baker’s Dozen focus group for screening:

  • Baker’s Dozen Focus Group Launch Call, Screening – August 1, 2017.  Hosts:  Zachary Misko and Larry Basinait, both of SharedXpertise.

In conclusion, if you would like more information about participating in the Baker’s Dozen focus groups, please contact Zachary Misko. You can e-mail him at