The HRO Today Association is the premier networking and content community for advancing the HR profession.

Since 2002, HRO Today has been at the forefront of the service delivery industry. With an unrivaled network of content and contacts, our team has helped shape the evolution of the HR profession. Powered by that history and reputation, the HRO Today Association has built a benefit menu that facilitates best practice sharing and other professional development, creates networking opportunities in person and online, and much more.

Background of the Association

Originally founded in 2003 as the HROA, the Association has been open to anyone in the HR Outsourcing and Transformation industry, including practitioners, buyers, providers, technology firms, advisors, consultants, attorneys, and academics. A primary objective of the Association was to provide networking and to create a marketplace in which buyers and providers could interact at a time when outsourcing was in its infancy. Now, outsourcing is one of many service delivery vehicles available to HR leaders. A new iteration of the Association that connected these leaders was the result.

In November 2013, the Trustees of the Association representing practitioners, providers and advisors voted unanimously to evolve the HROA. We broadened our reach and scope under the leadership of SharedXpertise. Therefore, owners of the HRO Today brand elected to rename the HROA. As of January 1, 2014, the HROA became the HRO Today Services and Technology Association.

On May 6, 2019, the HRO Today Services and Technology Association officially became the HRO Today Association.

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