While much of the discussion of recruiting healthcare talent focuses on growing your own talent from within or building University partnerships to target soon to be graduates, most of us do not realize that the number one referral tool is our own talent and those who have expressed interest in our organizations – our candidates. This session will focus on creating an engaging and positive candidate experience that will allow you to attract, source viable top talent for your hiring needs and then retain them creating a culture of retention. In an industry where healthcare professionals are always highly sought after, learn how to make the experience of candidates with your organization one that keeps them engaged and in turn, gets them to recruit for you and stay with your organization! Join this presentation for strategies that will help you create a culture where new hires and closed candidates source and recruit while also keeping them engaged and retained.

Learning Objectives

• Learn how to create a best in class candidate experience
• Learn how to leverage your active and closed candidates to source and refer candidates for you
• How to keep your workforce engaged in your recruitment efforts