The many benefits of flexible talent, accelerated by the current wave of technology innovation, are helping healthcare organizations become more agile and proactive in these disruptive times. A managed services program is a highly effective way for employers to manage their contingent workforces. The MSP can manage the entire contingent talent life cycle from requisition through invoicing and payment. Using a vendor management system (VMS), the managed service program gives you complete visibility into the status of each contingent worker at your organization. This session will address the basics of successful MSP/VMS implementation.

Session Agenda:
· Definition of MSP/VMS
· Evaluating Organizational need for the program
· Data gathering
· Interviewing internal stakeholders and current vendors
· Addressing Change Management
· Conducting the RFP
· What to look for in an MSP/VMS solution provider
· Implementation Realities/managing resistance
· Going live and optimization