The Everett Clinic’s physician turnover was at it’s high in 2016. Once a Best Place to Work organization, TEC was acquired by a national medical group which led to dissatisfaction and significant turnover. Over the next three years the 95-year old multi-specialty medical group developed and implemented targeted interventions resulting in a 10% turnover reduction. Today, The Everett Clinic has one of the lowest turnover rates and the highest quality ratings across medical groups in the country.

Physician turnover costs organizations an estimated $500,00-1,000,000 with each departure. Ramp-up rates for new physicians can take years. Recruiting physicians takes months and costs significant dollars. Practices sit idle during recruiting and onboarding, eroding the bottom line and patient satisfaction. If your company is struggling with physician engagement and turnover, this session is for you.

In this presentation, Liberty Stansberry highlights the steps involved in this work and provides a realistic strategy to build long-term engagement and retention. This presentation will focus specifically on six strategies to cultivate a culture of physician engagement.

• Acknowledge and Assess
• Harness the Power of Leadership
• Cultivate Community at Work
• Use Rewards and Incentives Wisely
• Align Values and Strengthen Culture
• Promote Flexibility and Work-Life Integration

Liberty will also highlight the way the six strategies of engagement are woven into the recruitment process and candidate value proposition.

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