A lot of healthcare companies are doing away with the traditional annual review process as progressive HR leaders are realizing that they need continuous, real-time feedback and solutions. In today’s fast-moving world of business, goals made at the beginning of the year may have no relevance by the end of it. Traditional annual performance reviews don’t accurately reflect the fluid nature of business. Such static processes also don’t meet the needs of younger workers who expect constant feedback. Organizations that have kicked old style annual performance reviews to the curb retrain their managers to have structured conversations with their subordinates on a consistent basis and rely on significantly simpler paperwork to record performance. In this session we will discuss how to create performance management systems that incorporate goal management and periodic development conversations between managers and employees and how this can directly impact organizational success.

Key Takeaways

• Understand the business case for moving away from annual performance ratings to continuous performance conversations
• Make continual feedback ingrained in your culture
• Learn how to train your supervisors and managers to deliver feedback more effectively