Preventable turnover in organizations is at an all-time high as 41.4 million US workers voluntarily left their job in 2018, that amounts to a ratio 27 out of 100 employees quitting that year. According to Workfit (2019), if this trend continues voluntary turnover will hit 35% in 2023. Voluntary turnover has cost US employers $617 billion and it is estimated that $469 billion or 76.8% of that turnover was preventable. Employee retention must be a number one priority in healthcare organizations across the country. The areas of opportunity remain onboarding and initial training, role overload, career advancement, work-life balance, relationship with manager, and organization culture. A work environment that is engaging, welcoming, committed, caring, and team focused is a proven strategy for success and retention. HR leaders and Department leaders have to align strategies to define and sustain a healthy organization culture. Workforce demands are increasing therefore a strong partnership among leaders across the organization is paramount to achieving organizational goals and desired outcomes. This session will provide strategies for creating and managing a culture that inspires and fosters retention. You will also learn the value of stay interviews and how they can produce positive change in the work environment.

Session Objectives:

1. Share the facts and figures pertaining to employee turnover.
2. Provide daily culture creation opportunities to improve retention.
3. Discuss the essentials of leadership communication in a healthy work environment.
4. Describe what a people centered connection looks like in an organization.
5. Offer practical tactical strategies creating a high-quality employee experience.