Convenient. Customized. Current. Connected.
HRO Today Association Membership Delivers Return on Investment

You get the emails, the newsletters, the event promotions. How do you wade through the hundreds of professional development opportunities that come across your desk to decide which are worth attending? How many virtual networks do you need to join to ensure you’re not missing that ONE connection that will alter your career?

Investing in the HRO Today Association cuts through the noise to offer a convenient and affordable membership experience that keeps you current and connected.

Why the HRO Today Association?

  • Convenient, There is no need to track multiple individual memberships: one membership covers the entire team.
  • Customized. One size does NOT fit all: everyone can mix and match opportunities to create an ideal membership experience.
  • Current. Monthly livestreams with thought leaders, the most-read industry publication (HRO Today), and original research are just a few ways our resources keep the team on top of trends, metrics, and regulations.
  • Connected. Being part of the largest global HR community exposes members to the widest range of best practices and lessons learned. Members can login to our Member Directory here to connect with peers across the globe.

Membership ensures not only that you have access to the highest quality professional development as part of an ever-expanding global network. Our members:

  • Improve HR systems and transform industry standards by reviewing resources, technology, and programming.
  • Consistently hone the skills needed to Improve the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of your HR operations.

Now, that’s making an impact.

Thank You to Our HRO Today Association Members!

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