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As demographics shift, globalization grows, and workplace norms evolve, HR continues to gain prominence among employers, candidates, and customers alike. Improved HR processes, techniques, and technologies are emerging that enhance and challenge the way we work. These are resulting in new products and services—powerful tools to recruit, engage, and retain employees and manage the HR function as it transcends beyond its traditional limits and becomes a strategic business enabler.

This community of leaders works to keep you informed about the most critical topics in HR: what’s new, what’s next, and even what’s back in style. Members learn together, strengthen their networks, share best practices, and create new industry tools, discussing and defining standards and practices that make an impact. These networking opportunities, combined with our global database of research and resources, help us ensure that our members are well positioned for success and growth within the HR industry. With the help of our Association, members are armed with the tools they need to improve the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of their HR operations.

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