Working as a committee member is a valued role that supports the growth of the HRO Today Association. In short, committees are where the work gets done.

Committee projects include/have included helping to design a buyer’s guide for HR services, evaluating and enhancing our on-demand library of sessions, revamping our website, and refreshing the member on-boarding process. Do you have energy and expertise to bring to these and other initiatives? Then we want YOU!

Sharpen your skill sets and increase your visibility within the industry by contributing just a few hours a month. More and more, committee work is being added to organizational performance reviews and professional development planning. Joining an HRO Today Association Committee or project team is your opportunity to check this box and accelerate your career growth.

Please review the job descriptions for committee members and co-chairs below, as well as the skills and time commitment needed. For detail on specific projects, or to join a committee, contact Wendy Metzgar, Director of Membership Services, at

HRO Today Association Committees:

  • Member Services
    Co-Chair: Karen Feeney (KenCrest)* Members: Mike Brann (Broadleaf); Jamie Caruso (MediaCom); Chadd Dehn (Yoh); Brielle Hefflebower (AMN Healthcare); Cristine Kane (Hudson RPO)
    HRO Today Association Liaison: Wendy Metzgar

    • Website (customer appeal, navigation, user experience)
    • Membership (new, prospect, orientation)
    • Member surveys/feedback
    • Social Networking
    • Newsletter/communications

*We are seeking a co-chair from an HR service provider organization. Please read the job description below and contact if interested.

  • Professional Development/Programming
    Andrea Cooper (CUNA Mutual); Wendy DiMartino (Korn Ferry) Members: Darren Bartholomew (Leonardo UK); Jaclyn Goyanes (MediaCom); Suzie Mitchell (Broadleaf); Danielle O’Neill (Yoh)
    HRO Today Association Liaison: Wendy Metzgar

    • Professional Development Livestreams
    • Online networking opportunities
    • Award program
    • Events
    • Partnerships

  • Standards and Practices
    Brian Bules (GSK), Jennifer Knippenberg (AMN Healthcare), Jason Munoz (Weatherford)  Members: Debora Card (ISG-one); Alison Citti (Cielo); Patricia Klaman (Randstad Sourceright); Annamarie Phillips (Randstad Sourceright); Rose Rutledge (Yoh) 

    HRO Today Association Liaison: Zachary Misko

    • Industry councils (provider certification, buyer education, HRO Today Baker’s Dozen)
    • Research
    • Content
    • Pulse Discussions

Position Descriptions

Skills and Qualities Important for the Role:

  • Able to work in a team environment with a variety of individuals of different backgrounds, experiences, and skills.
  • Good listener who is willing to consider a variety of viewpoints.
  • A willingness to compromise when appropriate.
  • A commitment to actively engage in Committee discussions both in person and virtually.
  • A commitment to make sound decisions for the good of the Association by reviewing and considering all presented materials.
  • Able to follow through with providing feedback and completing projects and tasks assigned in a timely manner.
  • Good organization, time management, and delegation skills.

Time Commitment:

  • There is one in-person Committee meeting (1 hour in length) and monthly Committee meetings held via conference call (usually 1 hour in length).
  • The face-to-face meeting is optional and takes place in conjunction with the HRO Today Association Conference.
  • Committee work requires some time but mostly through conference calls and email discussions.
  • May require work in preparation for Committee meetings and/or Quarterly Committee Call.
  • Additional time required if you are working in a leadership capacity on a specific initiative.
  • Co-Chairs may need time to prepare written reports due a week or so before the actual meeting times.
  • Work as a Committee co-chair requires conference calls and email communications with your members, communication with the HRO Today Association staff liaison, Director of Membership Services and other committee members to move initiatives forward.

Committee Co-Chairs and Members: Go to the Administrative Committee Page to view the Project Plan Document, Meeting Calendar, and Meeting Notes.