The HRO Today Association Conference is a half-day HR retreat that brings Association members together to learn from each other and network. Nonmembers are welcome to roll up their sleeves and join us as we dive into this year’s theme: the tech that enables HR and how leaders are preparing for what’s next.

This year’s program will include sessions on using technology to:

  • Attract the Best Talent
  • Predict/Analyze Talent 
  • Engage Talent
  • Retain Talent

Plus a Q&A with CHROs about preparing for what’s next. See full session descriptions below.

Finally, a virtual conference that doesn’t sacrifice the networking experience!

Attendees will be able to interact in real-time by joining a table; this real-time, face-to-face interaction makes virtual networking feel natural and fun! Attendees will look down onto the platform from a birds-eye’s view so they can see the whole area and immerse themselves in the virtual setting. A built-in virtual business card will help participants connect on other platforms and set up meetings after the event. All of this in addition to high-quality educational content delivered by HR thought leaders.

Easy face-to-face interactions, just like in real life! 

Casual conversations, networking, and all the in-between interactions.

Reserve your spot at a table next to the following HR leaders who have already registered:

CEO & Co-founder * Chief of Staff * Chief Talent Officer * Director, Talent Management * Global Head of Talent Acquisition * Head of HR * HR Business Partner * Manager, Talent Management * Senior Director, Talent Strategy * Senior Vice President of HR * Vice President, HR * Vice President, SR HR Business Partner.

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Session Descriptions

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Using Technology to Attract the Best Talent

Utilizing technology plays a critical role when it comes to creating an effective talent acquisition process within your organization. And using a customized digital solution through efficient technology is key when it comes to attracting the right talent. Successfully identifying and hiring candidates sets your organization up for success because the right talent will help support you to meet critical business objectives. Learn about valuable digital strategies that you can apply to help you not only reach, but also exceed your talent acquisition goals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn more about communication styles that resonate with top talent.
  • Understand why a digital strategy is an effective use of budget and why it’s important to attract the right talent.
  • Gain a better understanding and insight of analytics that can help drive better talent acquisition decisions within your organization.

Mike Dachenhaus, Senior Director, Digital Transformation, Yoh

Using Technology to Predict/Analyze Talent 

In this session, we will outline the different ways in which AI – really data science – is being used to make hiring decisions and what we know about the outcomes.  We will consider the pros and cons of the approaches and how to see if any of the tools make sense in your organization.

Key takeaways:

  • How to know what the technology is actually doing, how it works
  • What the legal liabilities can be from the different approaches
  • Whether these tools are ones you can do on your own
  • What is involved in building tools to make good hiring decisions

Dr. Peter Capelli, Director, Wharton Center for Human Resources

Live CHRO Q&A: How is HR Preparing for What Comes Next?
What Does the Future of Work Look Like?

Anyone can be in HR, but it is the role of the CHRO to anticipate where HR will be in 5 years.  

What has changed permanently?  The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on HR in terms of remote work and the use of technology, from collaborative software to online recruiting technology

How will the workforce change? Data shows the demographics will shift. Some may work beyond retirement age, while at the same time there is a talent shortage as the last of the boomers have decided to leave the workforce permanently, taking their knowledge and experience with them.

Corporate responsibility. The heightened awareness of diversity and inclusion has created an expectation of your customers and employees that companies will work on social issues and actively work on solutions.   

Ginny Angilello, CHRO, Covanta; Debbie Kemp, Chief People Officer, MediaCom; and Max Langenkamp, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer & Vice President – Human Resources, Cintas; Moderated by Elliot Clark, CEO, SharedXpertise

Stepping into 2021 with Recognition 

  • Wow your employees. Creating effective programs that employees care about
  • Transparency about budgets and your program
  • New expectations of organizations and employees

Judd Weisgal, Senior VP, Madison Performance Group

Virtual Onboarding: A New Reality

With a digital device in hand and an app for everything, today’s candidates and hiring managers expect a great experience. Experience isn’t a compromise, it’s an outcome. It delivers speed, quality and cost benefits. While technology enables improved processes and efficiencies in how we attract, recruit, and onboard talent, experience is the real disruptor and is central to success.

This session will review the considerations and benefits of automated onboarding and examine a case study that took a long and complex onboarding process to an enhanced and efficient experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how automation can streamline your onboarding processes and ensure compliance
  • Discuss market trends and appetite for virtual processes during and post-COVID
  • Review a case study for benefits of virtual onboarding, including significantly reduced times to onboard and improved candidate and hiring manager experiences

Josh Winright, Emerging Tech Business Partner, Pontoon Solutions

HRO Today Association Awards

The 2020 HRO Today Association Awards for North America and EMEA will be presented during a special ceremony at the conference, sponsored by Madison Performance Group.

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HRO Today Association members: $299; Nonmembers: $399

  • Register two of your team members, and the third is free! 
  • Association practitioner members receive 2 complimentary passes!
  • Contact for instructions on how to register two for one and/or to claim comp member passes.
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Sponsorship Opportunities

For HR service providers, the conference offers multiple opportunities to connect with buyers to begin relationships that support business development. Additionally, and equally as important, providers can connect with potential technology partners who can help deliver cutting-edge service to clients.

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