HR Table Talks

Created to provide a safe space in which members can feel comfortable asking questions and expressing their true thoughts about challenging issues, the HR Table Talks series focuses on topics like diversity, inclusion, recognition, engagement, candidate experience, and more.

  • Attendance is limited to create a feeling of closeness and security.
  • Sessions are not recorded so participants can be completely open and honest.
  • Member facilitators/experts use conversation starters to guide the dialogue.
  • Participants can anonymously submit specific questions before the session.

HRO Today Association members will leave these interactive sessions with new insights – and new contacts – that will inject new purpose and energy into their workplace experience and performance.

Session 3: Weighing the Value and Effectiveness of Your Recognition Program | Tuesday, August 10, 12PM ET

Facilitator: Judd Weisgal, Senior Vice President of Sales, Madison Performance Group

With employees more confident about where and how they want to work (and with a lot more choices available to them), now is the time to thoroughly — and honestly — review your recognition program. While the process can be uncomfortable, it doesn’t have to be. After all, it’s about identifying and rewarding contributions that engage employees and move the organization forward — these are positive things! So, we invite members to this open discussion where we will address:

  • Taking stock of your situation
  • Creating goals and metrics for success
  • How to “weigh” results

Participants can pose their own questions in this safe and secure space and walk away with new insights to apply within their own program. And, you’ll have a new network to consult when needed!

Members, reserve your seat now!

Please note this session is free and is for members of the HRO Today Association only. 

“I really liked the small size of the group.
It allowed for everyone to chime in with their thoughts and ask questions.”

-Sarah McMullen, Diversity Program Manager, Talent Acquisition, CVS Health

Session 2: Direct Sourcing for Contingent Labor: Fact or Fiction? | Tuesday, June 15

Facilitators: Peter Carvalho, President, AllSTEM Connections, an ActOne Group Company; Rohit Sharma, AVP, Head Talent Acquisition – Americas & Canada, Infosys

This HR Table Talks session focused on the emerging trend of companies seeking to manage their contingent labor pools through direct sourcing. After discussing several definitions of “direct sourcing,” participants shared what they perceived to be the pros and cons of doing contingent labor management internally, including:

  • Getting direct sourcing efforts to work in tandem with “typical” talent acquisition efforts.
  • Dealing with the hesitation marketing/PR may have around letting a third party drive the employer brand.
  • Making contingent workers feel attached to company culture.
  • And many, many more.

Session 1: Diversity & Inclusion | Tuesday, March 16

This session was an open, honest, and intimate conversation about the often sensitive topic of diversity and inclusion. After getting to know each other via introductions, attendees dove right into the discussion with the help of two member co-facilitators: Karen Feeney, VP of Organizational Development at KenCrest, and Matt Rivera, VP of Marketing and Communications at Yoh/A Day and Zimmerman Company.