HR Table Talks

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When you think of recent online learning experiences, do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • The speaker was good, but the participants didn’t talk with each other. I didn’t get to know anyone.
  • There was so much dead air. When the conversation stalled, it was so awkward.
  • I took away some good information, but I didn’t have a chance to ask my question.
  • I wasn’t sure if I should voice how I’m really feeling – who exactly is going to hear this?

We heard those same concerns. So, the HRO Today Association decided to offer an online networking and learning opportunity that’s a bit different – the HR Table Talks series.

Created to provide a safe space in which members can feel comfortable discussing sensitive and challenging issues, the series will focus on diversity, inclusion, recognition, engagement, candidate experience, and more.

  • Attendance will be limited to create a feeling of closeness and security.
  • Sessions will not be recorded so participants can be completely open and honest when talking about their most pressing concerns.
  • Member facilitators/experts will use conversation starters to guide the dialogue.
  • Participants can submit specific questions they would like to have addressed during the session; the facilitators will ensure these are posed to the group as well.

We invite Association members to join us for these truly interactive sessions that will leave attendees with refreshing new insights – and new contacts – to help them do their jobs better.

Session 1: Diversity & Inclusion | Tuesday, March 16 | 3PM ET (1 hour)

This session will be an open, honest, and intimate conversation about the often sensitive topic of diversity and inclusion. After getting to know each other via introductions, we will dive right into the discussion with the help of two member co-facilitators:

Karen Feeney
VP of Organizational Development
Matt Rivera
VP, Marketing & Communications
Yoh/Day & Zimmerman

No recording, no judgment – just answers to those questions you are not always comfortable asking so you can create the most welcoming and productive space for all employees.


**This session is exclusively for MEMBERS of the HRO Today Association. All registrations will be manually reviewed to verify membership, and nonmember registrations will not be accepted. No exceptions. Read about the benefits of joining our community.

HR Table Talks Facebook Group: This private group allows members to start the conversation now and make sure it keeps going far beyond the end of the March 16 session! Join today to see what the facilitators and other peers are talking about when it comes to the most sensitive issues around diversity and inclusion.

Members can also watch the following on-demand sessions focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion: