Website:  www.randstadsourceright.com

About:  As a talent partner helping companies face complex challenges, Randstad Sourceright provides the global resources, expertise, capability, and vision to drive business results. Through our solutions, organizations are achieving impact through all facets of talent acquisition and management, including traditional employees and the contingent, free agent workforce. But as times change, our clients are looking for more than solutions. They look to us as a strategic talent advisor with the knowledge and capability to keep them ahead and we are
committed to that vision.

Services:  All of our solutions, including recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), managed services programs (MSP), payrolling and independent contractor solutions (PICS), and blended workforce solutions are designed to deliver:
• Strategic capability and quantifiable business impact
• Deep expertise and astute market insight
• Global best practices powered by local expert

Contact:  Jane Ligrani, Senior Vice President of RPO Sales – jane.ligrani@randstadsourceright.com