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October 27 | 3PM ET | 30 minutes
Overcoming Complexity in Our World of Work, Part 2: Gaining Control
Susan DeFazio, Founder, Be Future Ready Today

The second session of this series will demonstrate how the simplification principles shared in the first installment can be applied — specifically how they can be used to improve the triple bottom line. We will also examine some of the science behind creating the right conditions for teams so they can collectively probe, sense and respond to our dynamic context. Finally, we will explore the “how” of simplification; heads, heart, and hands-on decision making; and tools for asking the right questions.

 Key Takeaways:

  • How to use 4 key principles of simplification
  • How to move knowledge and enhance cohesion
  • Using the Word of Work Canvas to gain control

Attendees will receive a one-page summary of the key messages together with audience polling results.


November 5 | 3PM ET | 30 minutes
Overcoming Complexity in Our World of Work, Part 3: Delivering Simplification
Susan DeFazio, Founder, Be Future Ready Today

The final session in this series will discuss how you can bring the 4 simple rules of simplification together with the attributes of our self-enabling World of Work toolkit. We will show how to connect each of the elements and create a complete operating diagnostic of organizational health. All these are geared toward enhancing decision quality and providing easy communication tools for making the right impact in the boardroom and with senior leaders. We will explore: how to control today and create a confident future; enhancing communication and focus; and elevating capability and credibility.

Key Takeaways;

  • How to enable the right conversation
  • How to enhance priority setting, alignment and investments
  • Using the World of Work Canvas in the boardroom

Attendees will receive a one-page summary of the key messages together with audience polling results.


November 10 | 3PM ET | 60 minutes
Future of DEI: How to Be a High-Impact, Visionary DEI Leader Over the Next Decade
Joseph Santana, Chairman of CDO PowerCircle, and Jacob Morgan, Founder, Future of Work University

Join Joe Santana and Jacob Morgan for an in-depth dive into the qualities and skills needed by diversity, equity, and inclusion leaders who want to be trusted advisors to CEOs and other C-suite executives over the next ten years. Joe and Jacob will specifically look at the business value DEI leaders need to bring to the table during these unprecedented times of change, and how they must evolve their employee communities to ensure that these groups remain a powerful force in the new workplace.

Joe’s guest Jacob Morgan is a four-time best-selling author, a TED and keynote speaker, a professionally trained futurist, and the founder of The Future of Work University.

If you are planning to grow your career as a DEI leader between 2020 and 2030, this is a discussion that you cannot afford to miss.

Key Takeaways

  • The qualities CEOs need to succeed in the 21st Century (captured in Jacob’s latest book, The Future Leader: 9 Skills and Mindsets to Succeed in the Next Decade)
  • What the future workplace will look like
  • How employee communities need to evolve to continue to have value and impact in that future workplace


January 12 | 3PM ET | 30 minutes
Beating Burnout: Actionable Steps for Reducing Stress and Transforming Your Life
Michael Levitt, Founder & Chief Burnout Officer, The Breakfast Leadership Network

Individuals are burning out at an alarming rate as people feel the constant demand to deliver and therefore ignore personal boundaries. Many are leaving their professions altogether as COVID-19 amplifies high-stress situations by adding the demands of Working from Home (WFH).

This livestream will show you the best techniques for immediately reducing stress and burnout while WFH. We’ll discuss what burnout is so you can quickly identify it, how people become burned out, and actionable steps for transforming from a burned-out life, to your ideal life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Recognize how you became burned out in the first place
  • Immediate steps to stop the burnout from growing
  • Establishing boundaries to fend off potential burnout from external factors
  • Recognize burnout signs within your teams so you can understand who in your organization is struggling


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