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Included in HRO Today Association membership, Professional Development Livestream Sessions offer opportunities to learn and share HR best practices, tools, products, policies, resources, trends, and technology. Different session formats bring together industry-leading experts, including executives, trainers, coaches, authors, thought leaders and advisors, to deliver meaningful takeaways that improve strategy and overall performance. 

Showcase Your Success on a Global Stage. Shine the spotlight on a winning initiative or talk through how you conquered a particularly challenging obstacle by presenting a livestream. Sessions can be 20, 20 or 60 minutes long, and formats include presentation with slides, Q&A, interview, and panel discussion. Contact Wendy Metzgar, Director of Membership Services, at to propose your topic. We are now booking sessions for the fall!

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On-Demand Livestream Sessions

Upcoming Livestream Sessions

July 14 | 3PM ET | 30 minutes
The Inside Gig: How Sharing Untapped Talent Across Boundaries Unleashes Organizational Capacity
Edie Goldberg, PhD, President of E.L. Goldberg & Associates

What if the talent you are seeking to hire is already on your company’s payroll but going untapped? Employees often have capabilities and aspirations that go far beyond their current job descriptions. This session will show how to optimize and energize your workforce by deploying skills of the employees you already have across organizational boundaries.

The session will explore a bold new talent operating model that leverages project-based marketplaces as a new way of working that facilitates learning, career discovery, organizational productivity, and employee engagement. This model will also help to better deploy or redeploy talent as organizations recover from the pandemic. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Concepts behind the Inside Gig Talent Operating Model that will help uncover hidden skills within your workforce and dynamically match the skills employees have to the work that needs to be done
  • The six core principles that support the Inside Gig
  • How to facilitate continuous reskilling that enables employees to expand their careers within your organization rather than leaving in search of new challenges
  • How to quickly redeploy talent when business needs change


July 21 | 3PM ET | 60 minutes
Grounded and Conscious for Uncertain Times
Bob Rosen, CEO of Healthy Companies International and Hollie Ward, Global Head of Leadership Development, Cigna

Healthy leaders are more evolved human beings. Their success comes from who they are, how they act and how they perform. Being Grounded highlights the 6 Dimensions of Health as the foundation that protects these leaders from the winds of change. Being Conscious is the Accelerant — being aware of themselves and their surroundings enables them to adapt and navigate through uncertainty and change. This session will help you optimize your health and performance and show how you can help others, including your team members, do the same.

Key Takeaways:

  • The six dimensions of Grounded Leadership: a holistic and personal approach for health, well-being, and performance
  • The four pitfalls and practices of Conscious Leadership
  • The Accelerators and Hijackers that undermine yourself and fellow leaders
  • How a Fortune 10 company is building a culture of grounded and conscious leaders at all levels

This session will be a 20-minute presentation by Bob Rosen, followed by a conversation between Bob and Hollie Ward.


July 28 | 3PM ET | 60 minutes
Effective Blended Learning for Leadership Development: A Panel Discussion
Dr. Michelle Prince, Global L&D Consultant and Organizational Leadership Coach (Moderator); Dr. Julia Huprich, VP of Learning Science and Editor-in-Chief of Learning Science Weekly; Kee Meng Yeo, Adjunct Professor at Grand Valley State University and Davenport University; Principal of Talent Practices at Global MVR LLC; and Larry Doiron, Director, Corporate Training and Instructional Design, Ennovations-HCD

As organizations re-open after the shutdown, it will be easy to cancel or postpone plans for 2020 leadership development due to travel restrictions and other business priorities. However, the need for effective leaders does not go away. To be able to continue offering leadership development, the need to adopt a blended learning approach may be unavoidable. Blended learning can incorporate many elements such as synchronous or asynchronous virtual classrooms, webinars, online content, self-paced learning assignments, group learning assignments, simulations, assessments, coaching, social community, and traditional in-person training.

In this interactive panel discussion, global learning and development experts will share their experiences and lessons learned regarding what has worked well and what has not for leadership development blended learning.

Key Takeaways:

  • Practical tips on how to develop, design, deploy, and measure effective blended learning programs specifically designed for leaders
  • Examples of leadership programs that incorporate a blended learning approach
  • Your questions answered during an interactive Q&A with an expert panel


August 4 | 3PM ET | 30 minutes
Using Organizational Analysis to Measure and Drive Inclusion: A Livestream Conversation
Joseph Santana, Chairman of CDO PowerCircle and Dr. Inga Carboni, Professor of Organizational Behavior, College of William & Mary

In this discussion between Joe Santana and Dr. Inga Carboni, participants will learn how to employ the science of organizational analysis to measure and drive inclusion in their organization.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to articulate a clear definition for inclusion that differentiates it from belonging
  • What organizational network analysis is and how to use the tools this science provides to assess your true state of inclusion
  • How to take concrete steps to increase inclusion in your company in a manner that is measurable by organizational network analysis tools


August 19 | 3PM ET | 30 minutes
Leveraging Connection to Build an Inclusive Culture: A Livestream Conversation 
Joseph Santana, Chairman of CDO PowerCircle and Brian Vigeant, CEO and Jimmy Hall, COO, CultureHQ

In this 30-minute session, Joe Santana will talk with Brian Vigeant (CEO) and Jimmy Hall (COO) of CultureHQ about how they leverage the built-in human tendency towards connection to promote transparency, discovery and ultimately inclusion within their organization, and how inclusion directly impacts the bottom line.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why and how we connect with other people
  • Why people who appear to be totally different can still find commonalities and develop an inclusive relationship
  • Concrete steps you can take to encourage affinity and inclusion in your organization


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