The Role of Organizations in Promoting Health and Happiness During Challenging Times

Employee Well-Being Conference | Virtual Leadership Series

April 12 – 13, 2021 | Virtual Event Platform

As organizations seek to adapt, COVID-19 has created a “new normal” for employees: working remotely, online education of children at home, social distancing, the uncertainty of changing lockdown laws, personal financial considerations, as well as health and safety concerns are all contributing to unprecedented levels of change and stress for everyone. This stressful and uncertain situation is having adverse impacts on employees’ wellbeing, which, if unaddressed, can negatively impact the workplace. The effects may include difficulty concentrating, poor decision making, disconnectedness and absenteeism, to name a few.

HR leaders can all agree that the way we work has changed during the pandemic, and with that shift comes the risk of a new kind of burnout. Many companies have established that remote teams can work, and that productivity can remain high in even the most inauspicious circumstances. Despite this, with a new operational agility comes a different set of risks to employee wellbeing. Deep fatigue and extreme stress, combined with wider societal anxieties and the lack of a clear endpoint are likely to result in a negative impact in employee health and engagement, posing a once-in a-generation challenge for business leaders.

Supporting wellbeing effectively requires a holistic approach that addresses both mental and physical health, is supported by solid data on employee desires and needs and engages with the psychosocial considerations of this new working environment.

In the best times, leaders know that people – or human capital – are the heart of a successful organization. In challenging times, this concept is magnified; people are the key to survival. Leaders must proactively manage workforce health and wellbeing because no matter what disruptive forces and how stressful the scenario, humans are at the center of every business.

The Employee Well-Being Virtual Conference will discuss the role of organizations in sustaining employee health, wellness and happiness during difficult circumstances. Join our expert speaker faculty as they discuss strategies to promote and support employee wellbeing so that your organization can emerge from this crisis more resilient than when you went in.

Topics to be addressed include:

  • Measuring the ROI of employee wellness
  • Supporting employee mental health
  • Financial education and economic wellbeing programs
  • Innovative health benefits
  • Leveraging wellness in employer branding
  • Using data to drive and sustain employee wellbeing initiatives
  • Creating an organizational culture that supports healthy lifestyles
  • An inclusive approach to health and wellness
  • Effectively communicating health and wellness programs for maximum organizational impact